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Fresh Trax! : M-Fap - Eternal Torment

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

A dark force not to be reckoned with, unless a reckoning is what you're looking for (and I certainly won't leave that potential off the table), the Fap is a master of Satanic Magick and Sexual Deviancy. A conjurer of equally infernal forces and a good time, this shaman uses his necromantic agility to get his sufficient fill no matter the situation, no matter the cost, for life is just a series of indulgences meant to distract us from our end destination... the final consumption from which I draw my power.

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Constantly greater the situations are uncomfortable

Trouble running deep, keeping monumental

Fixed in the gaze endless debauchery

Can't get enough of the satanic goat sodomy

Crack of dawn, more like crack of the abyss

Been up for hours, barely even noticed

The pacing of time till the light come in

Providing illumination to my sex dungeon

Breaking my focus, realizing how tired I've been

Time to throw down the towel, mop up the semen

Sense of accomplishment for the level of my debasement

Always looking to reduce my value, I know my placement

The lowest of the lows, the illest of the ills,

In eternal torment, but ready to get my fill

Expression is life, repression is suicide

Even if that means tanning so human hide

Why let that skin go to waste

After the insides I've taken a taste

Some call me old fashioned, but I just say respectful

I'm gonna use all of you, if I go for a kill

Familiar patterns operating decadence

Willing to recognize only second best

To the potential was born with

So much squandered, but no great Sith

Was created without loss, paid the cost

Refuse to leave life up to a coin toss

Rather take less, than get none

Heard the dark side forgets no one

Turn my fate into an unholy state

Infernal forces whom I create

Possession just another state of being

Starting to question my meaning?

Mind reeling at the possibility

Something shifting constantly

Without form except raw power

Daemonics forces taking over


Vocals, lyrics, production, mixing, and mastering by Matt "theProphet" Smith

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