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Fresh Trax! : M-Fap - From Our Death (You Will Reap)

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

In a world run rampant with disinformation, we're always ready to play the blame game. But why don't we instead turn the page on self-serving agendas and put the fingers at the shadowy military-economic forces dominating our world affairs and even our individual minds. Don't treat free thinking like an insult, and join the Fap on another wild journey of establishment questioning psychedelic hip-hop.

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World run rampant with disinformation Distorting the keys which enable transformation We could reclaim personal power, don’t be so blind See it otherwise? You’ve been fed a line Confident attitude brings you further than you realize Just gotta know where to set one’s eyes For there are many targets, don’t waste your time on fool’s When looking for gold you gotta have the right tools The ability to separate fact from fiction Is the only thing keeping you from destitution As the masses are entrenched in endless distortions It’s up to each individual to determine What’s right from wrong, instead of following orders Most Nazis were just everyday soldiers Freedom, glory, and the homeland We all cheer united in a band Of brothers, warriors, builders, and lovers Against one enemy we stand together, but It's all the same, patriotism false bindings An easy way to rally the weak-minded Looking around as we start a reign of terror But Mars and Saturn just keep asking for more We don’t need conflict to build a community But war and death have us at their knees

Slave to the god of Conflict, Mars, you have us at your feet, Challenging us daily, From our death you will reap, Saturn, our lord of Decay, Partners in the cosmic battle day after day, As they watch the world burn they gain their strength, gloriously!

Always ready to play the blame game Never looking at changes, but ready to complain At a junction of ruin or a golden age The outcome depends on if we choose to engage Or just turn the page on self-serving agendas World gone to shit, as you take hit from your hookah Shadowy military and economic forces Taking over as the TV dictates all your choices Distracted, obsessive, mind eroding away Cheap thrills become your escape all and every day Fear-based nonsense booming through your propaganda tube, Engagement beyond fright would just be rude Independent action becoming increasingly difficult Free thinking has become like an insult Demonstrating assertion is too much effort Now my brain has gone and hurt Mesmerized, completely disengaged So apathetic, I can barely feel the rage Manipulated all potential ripped right away This is the North American responsibility To the all commercial consumerism All moving like drones, no unique opinions We only are trained to contemplate the outcome To the actions that have been predetermined


Vocals, lyrics, production, mixing, and mastering by Matt "theProphet" Smith

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