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New Album!: Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly - A Few Are Souls

Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly have released a new album for you all to experience, jam backed with smooth inspiring songs that range from dreamy indie pop to EDM-inspired trip-hop, this emotive and moody release will certainly appeal to anyone looking for pop music that speaks to the mind and soul, without sacrificing melodicism or catchyness. True veterans in their scene, this release is a culmination of many years of experience and sonic experimentation, providing a raw distilled version of their sound in it's most purest form. Warm almost beckoning vocals, draw you into their abstract contemplative reflections, both societal and self. Serene textured synths provide a perfect soundscape for the vocals to convey their cryptic but alluring messages. Snappy crispy drums will keep you nodding your head to the beat all the way through. Don't miss this exceptional release which can be found on a variety of streaming and downloading services.


1. Halo 2. Nectar Is Red 3. Allegiance 4. Middle 5. My Atoms 6. Peace Is the Path 7. Friction Burns 8. Try to Understand 9. Human Racing 10. A Packet of Crisps 11. Dissonant Fracture 12. Where R U Now 13. Kiss the King 14. Build (Peace) 15. Clipped Wings 16. Praying for the Prayerless 17. No Illusion 18. Mad Men on Horses

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