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Fresh Trax! : M-Fap - Outcast

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Just another lunatic watching my back, never hesitant to act real whack, failure's my primary means of payment and I spent to far long as a reject. Just another outcast ready to pay the consequences of trying to go and believe in myself. So watch as I actively grow a list of deviations, shown as proof of controversial normalization, and for I may present a few uncomfortable sensations, but in the end this is the entertainment you depend.

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Just another lunatic watching his back

Never have I been hesitant to act real whack

Failure is my primary means of payment

Spent far to long as reject

Just another outcast, ready to pay the consequence

Of just going and believe in himself,

Actively cataloging my growing list of deviations

Walking proof of controversial normalization

Some consider me an uncomfortable sensation

By ready to discuss, do you mean in person

Though you knew, my main form is hologram

Nothing's real anyways, so don't go and give a damn

Giving a plausible case of deniability

In case you go and be croaking on me

Not that I really need much justifications

Truth is a matter of exploitation

Socially awkward, but I keep getting ensnared

In participatory gestures, where I frequently appear

Out of place, out of my mind, condemned from behind

Non-stop issues multiplying

Scrambling, maximize on your time before thing settle

Distractions are why I continually cause trouble

When in a panic pressing matters get confused

Next thing you know I’m full frontal in the nude

Movin' like a stallion on tranquilizers

Got some mad death invoking powers

It'll take a bit more pressure to put on a strain

I've been caught, and put up to blame

Far to many times, for this to be the end

I may be naked, but somehow I’ll defend

My nonsensical position in all this nonsense

Really at least I’ll try my best, but really

After one has such a crazed sense of expression

Where else you think they'd send you but detention


Vocals, lyrics, production, mixing, and mastering by Matt "theProphet" Smith

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