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Fresh Trax! : M-Fap - Crown

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Just wanna be the best, the very best that I know that I am, even if it means perching a mantle that's a bit to high for my own capabilities. One's gotta extend their reach to achieve success, just hope I don't implode on my way to greatness: the Fap wants to wear the Crown one day, even if it means pushing a few people of my way. Refusing to be on the sidelines, so I keep on reciting these wacky lines... take preview and enjoy!

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Just want to be the best, but I already know I am

It can be a hard mantle everyday to stand

Up to, I know that I motherfucking glow

Being at the top means I'm always cursed to show that I don't wanna stop

When sometimes I really just wanna pass right out

Collapse, be done, no more dancin' and shout

in' And bouncin and keepin' the movin' mountains

But you don't get to the top by stoppin'

Just don't stop until I drop which I won’t be doing quickly

Despite me getting rather sickly

No amount of infection will keep me down

If anything it just fuels my rowd

y-nature, my immature behavior

Keeping the world in perpetual rapture

That's how I do it, and I refuse to do it any other way

But I won't pop and push pills to make the pain go away

Famished always in the energy

But something keeps propelling me

Forward, backwards, upside fucking down

I don't care, everywhere I go I wear the crown

What do you see

A man ready to go down in history

When I take a position, not one to flip flop

Unless you mean in the bedroom then I switch a lot

Since everything is just a phallic extension

We can probably just go and assume

That I'm lying to myself and everyone

When I claim to have any attention

I can only garner enough concentration

For one act and that’s masterbation

Nothing makes sense but I never really cared

Always making things up out of thin air

I know the real nature of how it all plays out

Just gotta learn to plant the seeds of doubt

Everything is crazy but that’s how its gonna be

There’s a way to change things just gotta see

How you can mold reality,

To your own conception and set yourself free…

From deception...

Got more lyrics than yours that are worthless

Quit now and watch me dancin' around shirtless

On the YouTube video player, heyah

I'm a real player, g, don't be a hatah

Whatchyeah think I'm gonna go an quit

A little resistance ain't makin' me sit

On the sidelines gotta more to my name

Born for this game, to take all the blame

And I know I've got large scale ambitions

No consideration, of any consequences

I tell you I got this, got diamonds on my wrist

More girls that wanna give me a kiss

Then one Fap can handle,

Only so much I can get entangled

I’ll take you around town

And now I got yah moving to the sweet sound

Of the groovy sex beats

Soon you will be my sensual little treat

If you catch my drift or my like catch a wiff

Of my genetelia, its the best for yah

The sweet smell of sex and sweat oh yeah


Vocals, lyrics, beats, production, mixing, and mastering by Matt "theProphet" Smith

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