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Fresh Trax!: Dathek - PTSDisease (ft Teus & AK Ink) [Prod. Vicious 5150]

Channeling his personal history as a war veteran, and using it to fuel positive change through awareness, the British Columbia based rapper Dathek has dedicated his latest song to a form of mental health which troubles a remarkable amount of people, whether survivors of abuse or war, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Bringing together an awesome and dedicated crew to make the track really pop, he has has the extremely talented Teus and AK Ink in featuring in on some additional vocals with a powerful sung chorus and an additional emotive collection of rhymed bars that fits perfectly with the theme of the track, as well as the long time friend and collaborator, Vicious 5150, who provided the dark but groovy beat that perfectly suits the track. Check out this powerful but entertaining track on his official Spotify :

or iTunes/Apple Music:

Check out Dathek's Facebook page or Artist profile on The Infidel Netwerk to discover more about the artist's activities or history:

Stream his album debut album "Prevengeance" can be found on his official Spotify:

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