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Fresh Trax! : M-Fap - Pillars Of Decay (Lyric Video)

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

We live in a world of faulty architecture, both physical and mental, our trappings being of our own creations. Maniacs and jokers, propped up by our own justifications and rationale, themselves created from lies and propaganda. Our spirituality is nothing but a disease, replacing any true traces of our connection to the greater purpose and forces that connect us. As one who has traversed the lands of life and death, reality and unreality, the Fap sees all for the bullshit it is and disregards it as fool's speak. I'd rather live the free and alone, then having to cater to the bullshit you all worship.

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Benevolence your edifice of claim Architecture of insignificance made you fucking lame Confinement caressed your allure of respect But your fortunes would have been better with a different project For you plateaued without digging your own moat The world was vast warlike, all around as you spoke Of how the meager shall inherit the earth But there's no infant here to save us with his birth Reminisce, but old stories should not mean our silence Respect old man does not mean reverence Recollecting exploits, tally up where's yours? What's honor mean when you're on all fours? We treat each moment, like we're wearing a costume But we're actually all walking to our doom A gun placed to the back of our head Most of us choose ignorance and just walk forward instead

You don’t understand, you don’t get it You’re just a backwards piece of shit Dance of the devil, you’re always in trouble Keeping your look over your shoulder

Yet we certainly deserve a nuclear hit Maybe it’d wake us out of this mindset Where we take for granted all that we know Continue on with this ego driven show No one looking at the cost to you or me All of the destruction this is the way Will always defend to the end How we send ourselves to the truest oblivion

To my most fanciful recollection, Life just seems like a bitter auction Always squandering our time away, To the highest of bidders, who ever will fucking pay? But ain't life worth more than the paper? Are you just going to be another scapegoater? Tied in by the pot bellied ringmaster, Who's reaps his rewards on the back of our labor Always on the go, like I'm always on the run This was never my flow, but I'm standing under the sun Constant reminders like I'll never be free, Can't I escape this self inflicted tragedy I just want another chance, but It'll never be me, I just want another dance, but my partner won't see me, Lost in the gaze of some others ecstasy, I know I was never gonna be meant to achieve, A standing ovation, that's not for my profession, I know I only have thankless dedication, To a craft so god damn mysterious That if you even talk about it I curl to a fist And knock out all of the answers From those who call themselves preachers From those who pride themselves as reformers, I know in the end you're all just a bunch of motherfucking jokers


Vocals, lyrics, beats, production, mixing, and mastering by Matt "theProphet" Smith

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