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Fresh Trax!: Scam Jones - Long Nights No Promises

Somehow managing to create the largest sounding song from the most simple and serenest of elements, Scam Jones delivers another excellent guitar & bass driven downtempo track of the most excellent caliber with one of his more recent tracks, "Long Nights No Promises". Sliding and dipping like a leaf blowing in the chilling cold wind of a moonlit spring evening, the song's sparse but potent elements dip and dart within the perfectly scaled ambient backdrop he has provided. An excellent mood-setting addition to his progressively expanding discography, make sure to check the track out on Scam Jones' official Soundcloud:

Or you can stream the track on his YouTube, with an accompanied visualizer:

Follow his latest activities on our official Facebook:

Song written, recorded, and produced by Scam Jones

Mixed and Mastered by Matt "theProphet" Smith

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