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New Album!: Infidels For The Amazon Compilation

The Infidel Netwerk is a collective of musicians, artists, and philosophers who have banded together to collaborate and co-promote their music under one banner. We range across a wide variety of musical styles, worldly views, and personal philosophies, but together we all believe in the general prosperity of humanity and the world around us. We are all connected to the environment, it literally being every essential function on this planet which we rely upon for our survival. Yet, to the disgust of many, we abuse the limited balance we have sustained ourselves upon, pushing our world to the brink of being able to do its very functions. The Amazon, being a major source of biodiversity and one of the essential systems for cooling the planet, is one of the most abused of these essential environmental areas, being ransacked for resources and space at an unimaginable rate every single day. Brought to recent attention once again due to the rampant forest fires enabled by the Far-Right Brazilian President Bulsanaro, the Amazon is in desperate need of help as it is threatened more so then it has been in a long time by the activities of man. Both the natural land and the indigenous people who choose to co-exist there in peace are being threatened with destruction, with many tribes and species facing potential extinction.

This compilation is dedicated to the Amazon, with all proceeds made from this compilation going to the Amazon Watch, one of the most trusted sources in Brazil for protecting the rights of the indigenous people and the natural lands they inhabit, home to many endangered species. Using their money effectively they focus on court cases to challenge illegal development activities or potential new laws that could harm indigenous or environmental lands. During these trying times organizations such as these are in desperate need of funding, and we are more than willing to do our part by offering 51 tracks at a "Pay What You Want" price for those who both want to check out a wide diverse batch of music (ranging from pop to industrial, from experimental electronics to hip-hop) with all proceeds going to the Amazon Watch. When you get this massive compilation of original underground music to enjoy, you can do so knowing that you have contributed to a good cause as well!

Download the album on our official Bandcamp page:

Stream the full album, with an accompanied series of psychedelic visualizers created by resident videographer Bubba Gummzes, on our official YouTube...


Individual Links

Learn more about the Amazon Watch on their official website: Discover more about The Infidel Netwerk and the many artists they represent on our official website:


1. Jenova Project - The Third Layer Of Sorrow

2. Lilith My Mother - Her Little Black Soul (Jenova Project Remix)

3. Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly - Friction Burns

4. Transhumanist - Inside

5. Flux - Strange Girls

6. Matt & Colin - Graveyard Shift (Bubba's Greasy Tape Cut)

7. 2in1 - Fascination

8. OurTrees - Happiness Is Slavery

9. Fatal Empath - Contemplations

10. Black Level Expansion - Visions Of Night

11. Scam Jones - Sessions

12. Murdaa Noize - Bruno Beat

13. Databyte - Sin

14. Alan Larsen - Parallel

15. Gaggle - Supercollider

16. KRMNL - Illuminate

17. The KAN - Amazônia

18. King Tormentor - The Ryminae (Official The Ryminae Rawstyle Festival Anthem)

19. Izkrist - Blood Sacrifice

20. Biohacker - Implant Rejection (ft Jenova Project)

21. Droid Sector Decay - Flowers Dying In The Soil Of Dirt

22. Toothpinch - Burned Out Lungs

23. Jugem's Cloud - The Craftenstock Corporation

24. Severed Skies - Divinity

25. Rammsier - Blackflowers

26. Jessikadabra - Inauguration of Erebus

27. NegativePowerUnit - Distorted Memories

28. Machines On Blast - Breathe

29. LICH vs Jenova Project - The Fall

30. Vore Complex vs Jenova Project - Rite I

31. Contaminated Intelligence - Time's Up

32. Divine Virtual Reality - Go To Hell Punk

33. Vore Complex - Mind In A Box

34. BESS - Acrobody Politic

35. Russian Troll Farm - Evil Alien Overlord (Jabba the Sex)

36. Death Machine - Turn To

37. Haunted Planet - Motivation For Disappearing

38. Edge Of Insanity - Waldgeist

39. Dirty Lint - Underwater (ft Matt McDonald)

40. Bleach For The Stars - Soft Black Horns

41. Agura Matra - Vulture

42. Rusted Trust - Damage (Acoustic)

43. M-Fap - Kaos

44. Dark Matter - Taxes & Ties (Prod. M-Fap)

45. Ultra LHT Voyeur - Loving Sound (Prod. M-Fap)

46. Bud-ski - One Day At A Time (Prod. M-Fap)

47. Abyss - All Bars No Hook (Prod. Databyte)

48. Murdaa Noize - Don't Fuck With The Infidels (ft M-Fap)

49. Smitty - Down The Rabbit Hole (Prod. M-Fap)

50. Aidan Daniel - Kingdom (Prod. M-Fap)

51. Johnny DM - All Day All Night (Prod. M-Fap)

52. Lil Sail - Sailin' (Prod. M-Fap)

53. Catgotwasted - Soon To be (ft Bud-ski)

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