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New Album!: Russian Troll Farm - Canadian Progress

A greasy collection of Russian Propaganda infused into audio format sent over to celebrate the new Canadian elections in all its glory(holes). Racists, terrorists, ecofreaks, and just plain ol' wackjobs, this election has it all. Remember to be patriotic and don your good ol' blackface as you vote!

Enjoy these 5 tracks of early edits cut from the working draft of Russian Troll Farm's upcoming full-length album as you slowly don that charcoal mask. A little Infidel gift from us to you!

Beats & production by theProphet & Bubba Gummzes Mixing & mastering by theProphet

Picture editing and FX by Bubba Gummzes

The full musical release can be found for download at their Bandcamp for free Download:

All music and art released through The Infidel Netwerk musician, artist, and philosopher collective:

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