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Fresh Trax! : M-Fap - Dirty Girl

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

The things the Fap could do to you once he gets within your proximity are boundless in imagination and depravity. If there is an orifice prepared for it be filled. If there is a body part prepared for it to be covered in goo. The Fap leaves no area of perversion untouched, so if you wish for the wildest of ride with the most intense of releases then jump on board quite literally. Super sexual satirical silliness in hip-hop form straight from Canada. Don't miss it!

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This carrier has arrived, now it’s ready to depart,

Anaconda in my pants, the racing of your heart,

Tremble as it it hits the floor, you couldn’t imagine any more,

Is this a romance, or a motherfucking horror,

Porno-flick with some dick that goes and eats people,

But luckily for you, I’m the normal sort of sicko,

With a massive penis that wants to give you a twist,

So jump on my big daddy and give me a kiss,

Don’t make me go straight into limbo,

Bend over, won’t you just be my bimbo,

Take it the way I want, squishy and dirty,

I know deep inside, I’ll make you real naughty,

Invoking a sense of insatiable exploration

I’ll give you a new definition of anal adoration,

Some people like to say that I’m a bad man

I say we should sin like Mammon.

Nutting in your mouth it’s a new experience

But really I just wanna fuck you on your period

But I know that you’d be fine with that

Any day, no matter what you’ll fuck me like a pussycat

Gnawing on my knob going till it throbs

Gushing out the sauce you be licking gobs

Thick squishy tasty potent and constant

Your sweet lips got the perfect placement

You’re just a dirty girl

You’re just a naughty girl

You’re just a dirty girl and you rock my world

You take me places you know I shouldn’t go

Silly little deer, give me the treat that is your rear,

But before we start, let me take out my recorder,

Capture every second of this personal experience,

The wide web cannot miss our brilliance,

Sharing is caring, so let’s bless the world,

With the whole affairs, even when you eat my turd,

Tastes so good, it’ll be your delight,

Don’t turn away m’dear, this ain’t a fright,

Fest, it’s just a test, of your resilience,

So show the world your whole competence,

In aerobics, of sexual importance, and context,

That might destroy your whole confidence,

In who you are, and what you represent,

As the whole world sees your assholes contents,

Rip it apart, beating like a heart,

Poking out, pop it back in, let’s have fun prolapsing.

Tearing is for those who have some caring,

About trying to be sexually groundbreaking,

All the blood is not a nuisance,

Lubrication, for those with experience

Just get the rectum nice an bleeding

Or you could use the tears of small children

Slip and slide, your intestines are my desert,

The deeper I go, the closer to my big squirt,

I’ll fill you up, go eat some McDonalds

I’d ask you to come, but you’d just waddle,

All the way to the car, can’t make it anywhere

Won’t be standing or putting on underwear,

Or doing much, cause after I’m through with you,

You’ll be as fucked as the meat I’m about to chew,

Cause that’s all I ever really thought about you,

You’re a meal for my dick, now that I’m done, “see you!”


Vocals, lyrics, beats, production, mixing, and mastering by Matt "theProphet" Smith

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