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Fresh Trax!: Scam Jones - Dakota Pines

Dark, moody, maybe a bit haunting but only in the most seductive of ways. Scam Jones returns with another excellent dusk hour themed electronica track that takes inspiration from a wide variety of sounds from dub to deep house, hip-hop to ambient, you see traces of many different musical threads, usually the best elements synthesized into their purest forms and seamlessly melded together. Crisp drums, deep dark but forward sitting bassline, and saxophone that darts along the track like it's beckoning for you to follow. Do yourself a favor and don't miss this excellent track which is available free streaming on Scam Jones' Soundcloud:

Stream the track on The Infidel Netwerk's YouTube:

Follow his latest activities on our official Facebook:

Song written, recorded, and produced by Scam Jones

Mixed and Mastered by Matt "theProphet" Smith

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