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Fresh Trax!: Toothpinch - Burned Out Lungs

Wild warping and psychedelic tones build up slowly, drifting through an aetherial haze of synthetic sounds. Eventually, the track builds up to it's more rowdy pace, though slower by Toothpinch standards, into a bit of a roll with some pounding drums and trademark distorted vocal sound. However, the atmospheric and melodic nature of the track never lets up no matter how dancey things get, with crystalline atmospherics twinkling in the background serenely overtop of aggressive groovy bass and increasingly frantic drums. An excellent track which will be featured on the upcoming Infidels For The Amazon compilation. Catch it free streaming on...

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Burned out lungs of the Earth Choking the skies Fanning the flames Till everybody dies.

Fire choking burned out lungs Cashing in on the capital sum We all know the End of the world has begun.

This is intentional destruction This is intentional This is premeditated murder Murder of us all.


Original concept, lyrics and music: Toothpinch.

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