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Fresh Trax!: Biohacker - Implant Rejection (ft Jenova Project)

Taking things to the next level are Irish Industrial Rocker Biohacker and Canadian Industrial Pop artist Jenova Project with an epic new collaborative piece, the first (and probably not last) between the duo. Bringing the cyberpunk vibes of Biohacker's Industrial Anthem "Implant Rejection" to life with lyrics that truly capture the raw realities and dangers of our post-human future, as well as providing an extra layer of polish with his mixing and mastering skills, Jenova Project's additions to this release truly synergize with the already epic content provided. Check out this exciting release on Biohacker's official Bandcamp for digital download:

Info by artists from the Bandcamp page:


This amazing new mix was the brainchild of myself and the wonderful Matthew Smith from the JENOVA PROJECT, through various chats on THE INFIDEL NETWERK.

This track will also feature on the soon to be released compilation "INFIDELS FOR THE AMAZON" being released through THE INFIDEL NETWERK .

I think that you'll agree that the addition of Matts' lyrics and wonderful mastering on this track just takes it to another level. ENJOY, SHARE and PLAY REALLY LOUD!! Tufty."

Get all the lowdown on Biohacker's & Jenova Project's project including a biography, release catalog, and links to their social media and streaming websites, check out their Encyclopedia profile on The Infidel Netwerk:

Follow Biohacker & Jenova Project on their official Facebook for up to date information on their latest activities:

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