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Fresh Trax! : M-Fap - Kaos

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Limits are for those who care about death, and I have no fear for the worst or the best. Maybe it's cause of all the Mescaline I've done, that I'll forever be shunned. But don't blame me for my obscenity, even if I don't try Kaos follows me. The are forces beyond comprehension, that will continually try and ruin, any sense of composure or comprehension I've been brewing. Straight from the void, some spiritual forces, completely and utterly course, through my veins, driving me insane... the drugs probably don't help much.

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More agitated than a preschooler without crayons I just wanna a draw a picture, but I have to stay on Task, focus, get on my grind Too bad I have trouble walking in a straight line Wretched is my disposition when forced out to play When driven out of hiding, and put out on display Cast from my shadows, exposing how hollow What I'm composed of is, it's all borrowed There is no tomorrow, for this enigmatic joker Just a series of days that follow and broker In more mistakes for me to get blamed For me to dismay, I’m just getting played Dumb situations that we call the grind Day by day, feel like I'm losing my mind Holes in my brain, making me feel right at home Wasted out like junky, sometimes I’ll roam Completely high out of my dome Having consumed a triple dose of Mescaline Nobody knows where I came from Sometimes I even wonder if I’m an alien Do you like, chaos Well then, I am your god Mental physical, spiritual Pushed to my limits M-Fap don’t need no education Learned all I need in my uncle’s basement Staying alive, degraded and decaying But at least no rules I’m abading Caught in a trap of my own design The irony of it all as I lay here dying Only thrall to my inhibitions All other chains are but fictitious Meant to keep my so-called masters Unaware of my disasters Play situations coy, let them think they have the advantage Next thing you know, already done the damage Cause I’ve felt the brand, burning heat Done what I had to do to eat But now I’ve found another way Caked with misery Trials and tests of my capacity


Vocals, lyrics, beats, production, mixing, and mastering by Matt "theProphet" Smith

Photography, Picture Editing, Videography, and Video Editing by Bubba Gummez

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Transhumanist at:

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