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Biohacker Appears On Russian Dark Community's "Sound In The Dark Vol. 1" Compilation

Biohacker, a prominent member of the Industrial crew here at The Infidel Netwerk, is featured on Russian Dark Community compilation album series, Sound In The Dark Vol. 1, which features 27 tracks from some of the best acts in the underground Industrial community, including Biohacker of course, as well as H.EXE, Zwaremachine, 0Kontrol, and many more, this is not a compilation to miss for any modern industrial fans. A worthy listen from beginning to end, check it out, at a pay what you want price on their official Bandcamp:

Follow Biohacker on his official Facebook to keep up to date with their latest activities:

Full Tracklisting:

1. Romantic Industry - Society Zero 2. Chris Keya & T[ERROR] Feat. Cat Hall - Liebe Mich 3. ExoPhantom - Lucid Hollogram 4. H.EXE - The Old Museum (Strange Version) 5. Mördelin - The Balance 6. De/Light project - Bleed Alone 7. Consumer Junk - Disconnect 8. Issina - Bogi Egipta

9. Zwaremachine - Remain Unseen (STAHLSCHLAG Remix) 10. Oira 317 - Twoja Parasolka 11. Chris Keya & T[ERROR] - Drangsturm (Shane Aungst Hal remix) 12. É.Pneumatika - Resolved 13. Synthomorph5 - Stargazer's Mystery 14. Deflexity - Never Again (Instrumental) 15. Biohacker - The End Of All Things (2019 Remaster) 16. K-141 - Lipstick Cherry Virus 17. NeuroWulf - Inner Betrayal 18. T.A.N.K. - Der Neue Krieg (Ultimate Soldier Remix) 19. WANT/ed - Talking Dead [people theatre's digger mix] feat. !DISTAIN 20. 0Kontrol - Davlenie (Diktat remix by STRONG PRODUCT) 21. Entropía Psicótica - Te Detesto

22. Skalski - Fetish 23. BolPaVoX - Spectral 24. N-616 - MoonLight 25. AtroXitie - Kernel Panic 26. Seneptika - Drive Away 27. Exferno - Scars

Get all the lowdown on Biohacker's project including a biography, release catalog, and links to his social media and streaming websites, check out his Encyclopedia profile on The Infidel Netwerk:

Discover more Russian Dark Compilations on their official Bandcamp:

And keep up to date with the group's activities on their official Facebook:

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