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Music Video : BESS - Insistence (Lyric & Improv Dance Video)

Words directly from the artist: "Every song is a story. The movement in this video was created improvisational (in other words, it was not choreographed). I really dig doing improvisational dance, theater & spoken word. My process is really rather simple: I go in to the dance studio with my phone, a CD with my music, and a bluetooth speaker. I set props or sometimes a quick costume change (in this case, my costume also used as a prop, were my sunglasses). Sometimes, I change up lighting in subtle ways. I don't think about what I'm going to do in terms of dance. Instead, I do my best to embody the character of the music. In a way, I think of the singer as the protagonist in a story. Yes, it is me, but I am able to separate from the character because she has her own story. Yes. Every song has a story, and I intend to tell mine - or those stories of others that inspire me to write a song - through writing music & performance. Do me a great favor and check out INSISTENCE, which is featured on my debut EP, War a Mystery. It's only $1 to download. A cheap 7 bucks for the entire EP, including an otherwise-unavailable version of the title cut (Toothpinch Remix of War a Mystery). Thank you in advance for your support:

Video done by Toothpinch

Catch it free streaming on her official YouTube:

Get all the lowdown on BESS' project including a biography, release catalog, and links to her social media and streaming websites, check out her Encyclopedia profile on The Infidel Netwerk:

Make sure to follow her respective Facebook page's to keep up to date with her latest activities:

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