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DJ Shane Augnst's Remix Of Blackpill's Lullaby Of The Dead Is Featured On The Open To Close

Featuring on the Open To Close Set at SIN in Seattle hosted by DJ Shane Augnst, among many other greats such as God Module, Ruined Conflict, Rotersand, and more, is Blackpill with Shane Augnst very own remix of his track Lullaby Of The Dead, with the original track taken from his latest release Declaration Of War. Catch this great episode and give one our favorite American Underground Industrial acts some well needed love! Find the episode free streaming on Mixcloud:


State of the Union - Mindless (ES23 remix) Technoir - Believe (matrix remix) U-Manoyed - Not a Waste of Sky (Trust cover) Espermachine - Rdy.Set.Cry God Module - Cross My Heart (ES23 mix) T.O.Y. - The Darkness & The Light (Eisfabrik remix) Ari Mason - Beasts Tonight Ruined Conflict - Reflection Frozen Plasma - Safe Dead Harm (extended club edit) Faderhead - Nothing Changes Rotersand - Not Alone Ginger Snap5 - Feel My Rhythm Assemblage 23 - Let the Wind Erase me Espermachine - Faces Ashury Heights - Recorded for MG Lewis (ES mix) Kanga - Dissonance Arian 1 - Spend the Night Laureate Sky - The Dark Side CodeRed Core - Artificial December (shaneaungst edit) Studio-X vs Simon Carter - White Knight CLICK3R - Treater (Touched By Stahlnebel & Black Selket) Suicide Commando - Monster (Avarice In Audio Mix) Die Slein - Die Slein - Kiyert (shaneaungst remix) Antibiosis - Sectarian Killings (Poizon Party IV remix)(shaneaungst edit) Die System - Murder (shaneaungst edit) Reactor7x - The Circus of False Alien Nation - The Eye to The Other Side (shaneaungst edit) Ginger Snap5 - Polaris 13th Angel - Violator- Featuring Richie Suriv (shaneaungst edit) Cryo - Sanitarium (shaneaungst edit) Poizon Party IV - Spiritualist (ft.Antibiosis) [EC] Remix (shaneaungst edit) V?LH?LL - Aeons Unveiled remixed by Xenturion Prime (shaneaungst) Formato Negativo - Requiem (Body Virus Edit) DrakenWerks - WSMI (Remixed by Pete Crane from Shiv-R) RUINIZER - Gatekeeper Blackpill - Lullaby of the Dead (shaneaungst edit) Laureate Sky - Glory of Love Shiv-R - Pharmaceutical Grade Empyres - Marching On (Suppressor Rework & shaneaungst edit) Nordstaat - Edward Teller Suicide Commando - The Pain That You Like (Decoded Feedback remix) Patenbrigade: Wolff - TU-144 Juno Reactor - Zombi (Gms Remix) FORMATO NEGATIVO - APOCALYPSE (FUTRONIK VERSION)(DIGITAL ONLY) Studio-X vs Simon Carter - Connecting the Dots Brigadier - Military Command (special mix & shaneaungst edit) N-FEKTADO - DISTORTED MIND (shaneaungst edit) Larva - Olvidaste Lo Que Es Vivir Sin Sufrir (shaneaungst edit) Viscera Drip - The Human Race is Wrong (shaneaungst edit) Christ Under Droids - Voice of Murder (shaneaungst edit) AhaM - Alien Hatred (shaneaungst edit) Cyber Nííor - Darkness And Chaos (Remix By Psy.Co.Path)(shaneaungst edit) Faderhead - Darker Place MGMC - Posters Feat. Smokahontas (Orkestrated Remix)

Get all the lowdown on Blackpill, including a biography, release catalog, and links to his social media and streaming websites, check out the Encyclopedia profile on The Infidel Netwerk:

Download his latest album "Declaration Of War" on his official Bandcamp:

Follow Blackpill on his official Facebook for his latest activities:

Keep up to date with DJ Shane Aungst on his official Facebook:

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