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New Album! : Droid Sector Decay - In Suffering We Dwell

Long time Greek Industrial Metal veterans, and recent The Infidel Netwerk joinees, Droid Sector Decay have unleashed a brutal and crushing new album into the world just this past month. Featuring some of their strongest production and most menacing tracks to date, this is not an album to miss for fans of the genre or band itself as they are truly at the top of their game. Ranging from the tormented industrial black metal of the self-titled track, to the wild and progressive almost thrash inspired "Luminance Of Paradise Is The Lament Of Solitude", to the almost full on Electro-Industrial stomp of "Where The Body Decays & The Soul Suffers", this album really offers quite a bit of substance and variety, and that's only within the first three tracks (and trust me, the progressive nature of the album continues throughout). Jam packed with 9 tracks, many ranging over 6 minutes long, this wild and daring album delivers to those who are fans of unique and challenging dark alternative music. Download the album on Bandcamp:


1. In Suffering We Dwell

2. Luminance Of Paradise Is The Lament Of Solitude

3. Where The Body Decays & The Soul Suffers

4. Mortality Burning Like A Flame

5. Embodied Through The Enthralling Blasphemy

6. Necromancer And The Deceased

7. Hell Awaits For Heaven

8. The Abhorrent Serenade Of Metempsychosis

9. Godless Beauty Of A Dark Delusion (BONUS TRACK)

Read the description of the album from the the band record label, Underground Industrial Records:

"A dark, heavy, electronic extreme mixture of industrial and metal, influenced & inspired by some of their favorite death/black/doom/thrash metal bands. 'In Suffering We Dwell' features cover artwork by Mark Cooper."

Get all the lowdown on Droid Sector Decay's project including a biography, release catalog, and links to their social media and streaming websites, check out their Encyclopedia profile on The Infidel Netwerk:

Download their latest releases, including In Suffering We Dwell, on Underground Industrial Records official Bandcamp:

Download some of their previous releases on their official Bandcamp:

Follow Droid Sector Decay on their official Facebook:

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