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Fresh Trax!: Jenova Project - Transcendental Bias (ft Toothpinch)

After the cataclysm events that he blamed himself for theProphet threw himself into a centuries-long self-imposed exile where he relinquished himself to a lifestyle of meditation, simplicity, and denial. Receiving no visitors and only engaging in the most mundane of routines, living free of mental stimulation has left him in a state of perceived ultimate clarity. Visions of the “true nature” of this world, one of astral designs and spiritual influence, pour through him daily like a conduit of pure prophetic energy. Lost in a waking dream, he is both aware and unaware in a perfect state of Transcendent Bliss. But after many years in this dream, far too many to count accurately with such little material frame of reference, something changed. An awareness within the awareness was born, and a new line of questioning was brought forth (the first acts of defiant consciousness within in far too long). No longer content in accepting his life of self-contained creation and mental non-exploration, it was time to step forth into the world and see finally what this life he was given was truly for.

Download this single on Jenova Project's official Bandcamp:

The self-titled track from his upcoming EP Transcendental Bias, the first in a series of EPs which will make up the official sequel to his first album, Z Day. You can pre-order the release on iTunes here:

Released through The Infidel Netwerk musician, artist, and philosopher collective:

You can get all the latest Jenova Project / theProphet related info on my official Facebook:

Discover more about Toothpinch on the official The Infidel Netwerk encyclopedia page, which includes social media, streaming, and download links as well as info on his biography and discography:


[theProphet] We are living on an elemental shrine The conduit for pure forms from above The keys to the castle are slipping away So we must take hold, and plot our escape

[Toothpinch] Spilling blood on the sacred grove Divine is the power you will behold Angelic, not pagan of important defense When in god’s name it’s not as contentious Infamous yes, but application lay straight Unparalleled sensational delights Adapt not scheme and you will be christened With the presence from the holy kingdom

[theProphet] Caught in rapture, is this experience? Our are we betrayed by expectations? Instead of brilliance, just another perception Brought by our own mental deception

[Toothpinch] Spiraling upwards, onto Jacob’s ladder Everything we once knew has been scattered

[theProphet] You just don’t know it’s an expression For a much murkier and higher power Summoning recycled symbols Breaking control, liberation theory Right as we were about to take hold This is what we call transcendental bias

[Toothpinch] We could flick the switch on Instead leave the blinders on Fear convoluted by worship

Credits Vocals, lyrics, beats, production, mixing, and mastering by Matt "theProphet" Smith

Additional vocals and FX by Toothpinch

Photograph & Picture Editing by Bailee F.

Check out Matt's other projects: M-Fap at: LICH v​s Jenova Project: Transhumanist at: Izkrist at: Ultra LHT Voyeur​ at:

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