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Fresh Trax!: Dathek - Drunken Pick Up Artist

Giving some of his trademark snarl and sneer, with a good amount of cheer, Dathek, the Nanaimo-based Hip-Hop artist throws all his punches of lyrical criticism at another well-deserved target, the all to familiar drunken pickup artist. We all know them, the guy who plays like he has it all while he's really living a couple hours away from a complete and utter fall, given some liquid confidence and gifted with an unruly amount of courage left to do some unkind amount of damage. Dathek, entertaining throughout his presentation with his raw and witty humorous approach at the subject, and packed overtop an equally fun and groovy beat, don't miss the juice streaming on Soundcloud:

Check out Dathek's Facebook page or Artist profile on The Infidel Netwerk to discover more about the artist's activities or history:

Stream his album on his official Spotify:

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