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Fresh Trax! : Projekt Ich - The Lightman (ft Lilith My Mother)

Light gliding and bubbly, reminiscent of the upbeat yet adventurous tunes of Kraftwerk and Jean-Michel Jarre, and backed by a contrastingly deep and longing vocals by an Infidel favorite, this awesome little collaboration between Projekt Ich and Lilith My Mother is certainly worth the listen for those itching to hear Oleg's perfect croon applied to a different sonic background. Backed with 8 great remixes by a wide variety of talented bands that bring this already entertaining song in a multitude of new sonic dimensions, as well as an instrumental version of the track, this release is jam packed with lots of renditions. From the ravey Post-Trance of Monotronic's Remix to the dark and stripped back Ideophobia Remix, there's quite a diversity of beautiful music within this single release. Catch it for digital download on Bandcamp:


1. The Lightman

2. The Lightman (Monotronic Remix)

3. The Lightman (RMP Remix)

4. The Lightman (Chris Ronin Remix)

5. The Lightman (Depechen Remix)

6. The Lightman (Ideophobia Remix)

7. The Lightman (This Midnight Mix By Areal Kollen)

8. The Lightman (René Mußbach Remix)

9. The Lightman (Chris Ronin Instrumental Remix)

10. The Lightman (Instrumental)

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