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Synthentral, Frequent Infidel Supporter, Adds BESS To His June 18th Episode's Setlist

DJ Blair Scott's Alternative Electronic and Industrial based radioshow Synthentral, a frequent supporter of various Infidel Netwerk artists and a true patron of quality alternative dance music, has featured BESS on his latest episode. Catch the full episode on Mixcloud:

The episode also features music by Iioioioii, K-141, Tristan B., CULTTASTIC, CYGNOSIC, System Noire, Child of Night, Death Loves Veronica, ROBORG, Masked, Physical Wash, Accessory, evo-lution, Poison Point, Kiss of the Whip, Run Level Zero, Genius of Nefarious, Ferus Melek, CZARINA, Machinista, Enzo Kreft, The Stave Church, Dead Mascot, Massenhysterie, Miss Ballistic Official, Glaring, Artificial Monuments, Fixions, and Eden Synthetic Corps!

Get all the lowdown on BESS' project including a biography, release catalog, and links to her social media and streaming websites, check out her Encyclopedia profile on The Infidel Netwerk:

Make sure to follow BESS on her respective Facebook page's to keep up to date with their latest activities:

Follow DJ Scott Blair's Synthentral on his official Facebook:

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