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Lilith My Mother Appears On Con!tro!lo, DJ Dark Dave, Dark Noise Radio, & The Johnny Normal Show


Lilith My Mother appears on no less then 5 radioshows over the last week and a bit, 4 of whose episodes can be streamed back in their full on Mixcloud. Interestingly enough, all four radio shows are different shows then the regular affair of people playing Infidel Netwerk artists, which truly shows the testament to the growing universal appeal of Lilith My Mother's music. Check it out, along with many other great acts, on the various shows, links which can be found below.


DJ Dark Dave:

Dark Noise Radio:

The Johnny Normal Show:

Get all the lowdown on Lilith My Mother's project including a biography, release catalog, and links to his social media and streaming websites, check out his Encyclopedia profile on The Infidel Netwerk:

Follow Lilith My Mother on his official Facebook for their latest activities:

Follow the respective radioshows on their official Facebook:

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