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The Infidel Netwerk Radioshow Episode 2 - June 19th 2019

The Infidel Netwerk is a collective of musicians who strive to overcome the capitalist challenges that are present to most of us starving creative folk by building a semi-communistic initiative that supplements the faculties of a record label and promo team through crowdsourcing and collective attention driving. This is our music.

Mixed by theProphet aka Jenova Project


1. Databyte - Drowning

2. Alan Larsen - Blood In Your Eyes

3. The KAN - Absolution

4. Droid Sector Decay - Necromancer And The Deceased

5. Machines On Blast - Breathe

6. Biohacker - Psychopathy (Infliction Mix)

7. Catgotwasted - Things That Sparkle

8. Haunted Planet - Faced

9. Edge Of Insanity - Disociocensonance

10. Jenova Project - Bloodcurling

11. Jugem's Cloud - Hydrocompression

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