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Fresh Trax! : M-Fap - Wow. Remix (Post Malone)

Delivering a masochist and neurotic hip-hop remix to the beat of the hit Post-Malone track Wow. , M-Fap dishes out a short and venomous self-evisceration in the form of lyrical madness in his first ever mainstream remix. Catch it free streaming on YouTube or Soundcloud:

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On a precipice to a planned merger with emptiness Not trying to be a pessimist but I know my own diagnosis Just trying to believe in something exacerbates That which fascinates Those who surround me as they all begin to see eventually I was the one who was their enemy That I’m slippin’ and out of existence Walking the line between sanity and madness You can form your opinion but it’ll just regress My responses into a state of aggressiveness Call me broken, like glass shattered Inherently a permanent residence of disaster More hurdles and obstacles then one person can dodge Thrown at me, can I sustain this barrage? As my problems spray and gather in the wind Dragging down those I love without discrimination So stay away from me within a certain radius Or prepare for a full show of heavy ordnance When I go nuclear there’s bound to be radiation A few generations One just should leave me alone To my bleak desperate situation I’m not a human more monster than man There’s never been a point to try and stand My presence I’m more mess than its worth So time to discard me back to the earth Let’s the worm’s eat my brain Let’s the darkness be all that I gain My soul trapped to a purgatory Of nothingness specifically meant for me That’s what I deserve just a personal hell Then I’d know just how low I’d have fell But in low of that, I’ll just continue to wreck Everything around me at increasingly breakneck Pace because what else is there to do but race To accomplish my goals to deface The entire planet, human history Like a black hole I consume and discard indiscriminetly That’s what I do so let me do it perpetually Or let me die already Don’t think you’re gonna let me do that So its time to prepare for combat


Vocals, lyrics, mixing, and mastering by Matt "theProphet" Smith

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