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Fresh Trax! : Signal Operator - In It's Grip

Returning after a bit of a silence, Signal Operator, a long-standing Brazilian EBM/Electro-Industrial act who's made frequent rounds on various popular Industrial compilations many of you may be familiar with, comes back with a hard hitting old school sounding EBM track entitled "In It's Grip". Expect the best of the sort of sounds that made Signal Operator great, with gritty shifting arpeggios, hard as hell drums that just punch through the speakers, and angry distorted vocals that keep the track all held together. Don't miss it free streaming on Soundcloud to get your first taste of new music from this legend:

Get all the lowdown on Signal Operator's project including a biography, release catalog, and links to his social media and streaming websites, check out his Encyclopedia profile on The Infidel Netwerk:

Follow Signal Operator on his official Facebook to check out his latest activities:

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