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New Album!: Bleach For The Stars - Ribtrain

Long, droning, creaking and cracking echoes of distortion, followed by rolling waves of cacophonous moving saturated ambiances haunt their way through the tortured chambers of this emotionally taxing album. Vicious and sadistic in it's slow pummeling atmospheres, but rewarding in it's ecstatic releases of sonic tension. Continuing with a sonic vibe that would fit well as a soundtrack to a horror movie, or the tensest moment in a Christopher Nolan film, this music lives up to it's shiver-induced name and oddly sinister in it's minimalism styled artwork that adorns the horrifyingly enticing. Anyways, this and the many other albums in the Bleach For The Stars discography and can be found for digital download on his official Bandcamp:

Band description of Ribtrain

A concept album based around one of my recent acrylic paintings. An organic ‘body-horror’ abstract style, only brutally concrete as well, developed in semi-controlled Chaos. It’s titled "Ribtrain”.

An unknown time; a cold, distant field. A prolonged, terrible war; and a listener passing between it, in grim transit to some final atrocity, and to the mute depraved. All is ground and torn and shattered beneath those rough, flesh-wet wheels, as the ossified carriages shunt their wretched cargo along to whatever opaque destination, through guttural screams, icy howls, and driving clouds of blood.

I took more inspiration for this anthology by absorbing some of the classical works of Krzysztof Penderecki. A dark, horrifying album of raw cinematic industrial ambient then; more melodic and sinister than much of my previous material. I hope you enjoy it.

All art, improvised percussion, and music by: Ben Power

Tracks 1-6 mastered by J.Stillings at Steel Hook Audio Mastering

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