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New Album!: Bleach For The Stars - Henge

Continuing his trend of writing nightmarish horror themed music, Ben Power the mad genius behind Bleach For The Stars, delivers everything you would expect from one of these sort of releases. Raw harsh rolling noise layered upon each other, mixed with the occasional terrifying sound effect (like a howl or metallic clatter), arranged in just a particular enough way that it all feels like it's building up to something which you'll never forget. Oddly meditative despite the intensity of it all (if played at a moderate volume of course) in a strange sense, as you find yourself lost in the hypnotic waves of interlocking entropy sonically composed. Anyways, this and the many other albums in the Bleach For The Stars discography and can be found for digital download on his official Bandcamp:​

Band description of Wyrm Cast

No real words - no pretension or greater context.

The henge has been breached, and the sounds inside are freed, for the moment.

A relentless barrage of cold, loud, metallic sonic art; a grim expanse of churning, grinding avant-garde experimentation. Abstract still, yet intense and unsettling.

I hope you enjoy it.

all art, vocal sounds, field recordings and music by: Ben Power bar Gregorian chants on track 6, based on a free sample

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