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New Album! : BESS - War Is A Mystery

A new release from BESS is upon us, providing us with a poetry-driven counter-culture loving album of experimental indietronica tracks that twist and turn among a variety of genres and sounds throughout, seemingly depending on what suits the mood and theme of the challenging and reflective lyrical experiences she creates. Including on the album also is another Infidel Netwerk artists, Toothpinch, who features on the intense and emotional track Who Are You. Filled to the brim with progressive vocals and evolving soundscapes, check out the album free streaming on BESS' official Soundcloud

Tracklisting 1. War A Mystery Remix 2. War a Mystery 3. Unified 4. Who Are You featuring Toothpinch 5. POTUS 6. POTUS - Mass Shooting Mix 7. I Hate Your Face 8. Insistence

Get all the lowdown on BESS' project including a biography, release catalog, and links to her social media and streaming websites, check out her Encyclopedia profile on The Infidel Netwerk:

You can find a similar page for Toothpinch as well:

Make sure to follow both their respective Facebook page's to keep up to date with their latest activities:

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