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Fresh Trax!: Agura Matra - A Losing Hand

Soft, sombre, chilling, yet managing to be serene in it's approach, Agura Matra's latest lo-fi darkwave track is an another atmospheric addition to his already moody discography. Crackly, and slightly strained to a specific effect, this Indonesian's vocals are some of the most haunting elements of the track, juxtaposed to the simple but effective sharp piano melodies and plodding mechanical machine drums. Catch this mysterious lo-fi gem on his official Soundcloud for free streaming:

Download Agura Matra's previous releases on his official Bandcamp:

You can find an artist profile, as well as a release catalog, and links to his various social media and streaming websites on his official The Infidel Netwerk encyclopedia page:

Follow Agura Matra on his official Facebook:

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