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New Album!: Severed Skies - Dimensions

Crisp and cold in tone, yet still managing to retain progressive and vividly vibrant nature to it's composition, this dimensionally shattered genre-shifting Industrial routed album by Severed Skies expands upon the elements introduced in his first release: a dynamic mixture of psychedelic song structure and classically inspired melodies expertly playing off one another, and ups the ante by creating a more complex listen. The song structures have gotten more alien, and the sounds choices while still retaining a familiar "dance" nature more deftly play off each other with a great detail towards ambiance and atmosphere. Check out this crystalline release if you're interested in this very moodsetting modern interpretation at the "Electro-Industrial" genre.

Catch a digital download of the album at Bandcamp for only $8:


1. Nebula 2. Deja Vu 3. Devotion 4. Visions 5. Horizon 6. Enigma 7. Radiant 8. Aesthetic Seas 9. Orbit 10. Divinity 11. Dimensions

Follow Severed Skies on his official Facebook:

Thanks to Mario Bulasinski for the album art. Thanks to Tommy T. Rapisardi of DSBP Records for the mastering, CD art, and packaging.

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