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New Album!: Bleach For The Stars - Wyrm Cast

If you're looking for a true terror filled experiance, look no further then Wyrm Cast. "It's not an easy album, in any sense. It's perhaps my best though" is a powerful statement from the artist, Ben Power the mastermind behind the equally infamous now defunct (or taking a break?) Vore Complex. Literal screaming, pounding, and clanking of noise, layered with all sorts of sampled and synthesized oddities proliferate this dark droning chaotic affair. Part of the "Death Industrial" type of music, this truly sounds like the deepest darkest pits of the abyss swallowing you hole, digesting you, and then proceeding to shit you out reborn a void parasite ready to feast on the aether. Or something along those lines... maybe I've just been enveloped in the madness to long. Great album if you're into this sort of unsettling stuff. Let's hire this guy for the next major horror movie soundtrack and bring true fright to big screen again aye guys!? Anyways, this and the many other albums in the Bleach For The Stars discography and can be found for digital download on his official Bandcamp:

Band description of Blight

This album began as a standard experiment into composing a frightening, alien form of Death Industrial music. I knew the tone I wanted, but lacked a cohesive conceptual backing, bar applying my mind to the multiple entwined analogies and allusions of my album title; the bloodied waters deep and foreboding, the grim thickets wild and dense, and the powers of darkness never far away. My first three tracks are written in such fashion.

Soon though, it became a way for me to excise and cast out my bleakest thoughts, worries and sadnesses regarding a recent bout of severe illlness that nearly consumed my father. He's recovering now, but in a delicate state. It was a close call. I still don't know what the future will hold for him, as he is gaunt, and very weakened. It was to this devastating sensation that I set the remainder of my pieces.

It's not an easy album, in any sense. It's perhaps my best though.

I hope it can be enjoyed for the sonic art that it contains.

released January 5, 2019

All art and music by: Ben Power

All tracks mastered by J.Stillings at Steel Hook Audio Mastering

For Dad

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