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Fresh Trax! : M-Fap - True Warrior

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Respect is the baseline for any individual who wishes to succeed. Respect for self, respect for one's place, and respect for those around you. Judgment will find to those who refuse to believe or those who wish to deceive, so it's better to find your definitions at an early point in your mortal condition. This is the ballad of the immortal warrior, true will grants you the ability to peer through time gathering visions of the seer.

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Identify inhale respect the onyx fumes, Black smoke composed dreams of doom Fertile and beautiful, we must extinguish evil Acquire and activate the burden generational Broadstrokes of justice informed by faith Cutting through the air of deceit by the snake But remember blind love will dull your senses Filling you with chaos, so just remember this Conquer with compassion, sharpen with joy Blades of honor are no working man’s toy Respect must be given, if we shall receive Rest the deceive, and finally learn to believe Bear witness without judgement, you shall find the truth It’s harder as an adult, better to start as a youth Find words to describe and define your condition Instead of aimlessly comparing your situation Take in the darkness for those who cannot Disciples find their place, to close, intimate True warrior immortal, distrust everything You must learn to build the connection within

Flanked and alone, situational stark reminder Recollections of the past, different but similar Don’t hold to close on to the familiar The more that you love, it’ll blind you quicker Mortal human form, fragile shaken shell We’re all only two steps away from hell If you see your fellow men as friends and brothers You’ll be held back by the safety of others

Casting of the fates, the throwing of the die Intimacy can be weakness, for to love is to cry Those you love can perish far too easily The path of righteousness can’t be taken lightly

I won’t take none of that shit my friend I’ll defend myself to the very end Some people say I'm a bit too blunt But I'd rather tell the truth, then act like a cunt Do not succumb, we’re made of darkness and light Intermingling forces inbetween that fight Override your instincts, don’t try in vain You’re letting it control you, emotions and pain Meditation, the battle between wit and will Find yourself within nothing, endless primeval Within the assembly of israel is thirteen petals Deep within courses forces elemental Freed from your constraints of mortality Soar like a god you were meant to be Greater than flesh, stronger than bone Born to walk this earth vigilant and alone What did you think our purpose was here Just to come and then disappear? No, there’s more than that, so much more than that You just gotta know where you gotta look at Beyond the scripture, past the meditation retreats, We should all start move our cosmic feet


Vocals, lyrics, beats, production, mixing, and mastering by Matt "theProphet" Smith

Photography, Picture Editing, Videography, and Video Editing by Bubba Gummez

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