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Biohacker Now Provides The Intro Music For Synthentral

Biohacker, the Irish Industrial Rocker and newest Infidel Netwerk member, has joined Toothpinch as a frequenter on Synthentral, and has even gone as far as to make a strong enough impression to have one of his track's be used as the intro music for Synthentral in general. Catch it for the rest of 2019! Info on the latest episode, and first of the new year, provided below:


Today's episode features music by Ultranoire, In Good Faith, U-Manoyed, Van Roy Asylum, Culttastic, Kennelklubben, Ghost Noise, The Present Moment, Cyberthing!, Sandstone, Liya, Antilav, Heiniche & Negant, Traumabond, Alien Skin, Maschine Brennt, S Y Z Y G Y X, Bragolin, GUNSHIP, Massiv In Mensch, Non Reaction, Mechatronic, Social Ambitions, Monstergod, Stigmatroz, Mad M, Expreso Maniquí, NinjA Cyborg, Forerunner, Big Time Kill, and Angels Of Suicide!

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