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Fresh Trax!: Toothpinch - Trying

Balancing melody, and aggressiveness, grooviness and brooding atmosphere, Toothpinch provides another excellent Industrial-routed banger for you to all enjoy (follow his equally entertaining release last month, Downfall, check it out if you haven't already!). Providing a unique mixture of dreamy guitars, pulsing gritty basslines, pulsing dance leads, low end arpeggiators, and haunting symphonic strings, the track touches on Electro-Industrial, Aggrotech, and Industrial Rock, blending it all together into it's own unique package that is far more progressive and evolving then a lot of the music you'll find in the modern Rivethead scene. Check out this excellent new track on several different sources including:

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Roundabout borderland of sanity Push back on the voices that are smothering me. Doubt plagues my mind harmony out of tune Heart felt sick things not as I assumed. I’m falling to pieces but you would never know Put my best illusion on so cracks don’t show. Insides torn up from whirlwind knives Inescapable pressure realizing the demise. I’m trying. But it’s never enough No it’s never enough. Never enough... What do you want from me I can’t take this anymore Crawl around in the dark hands and knees are sore. Blindsided recoil feeling stunned for days Grip on reality has been displaced. I’d be sorry if I knew what I did wrong Each repeating time wary no longer headstrong. Can’t let this keep happening don’t know how to trust Broken heart still beating grinding into dust. I’m trying. But it’s never enough No it’s never enough. Never enough...


Music & Lyrics by Toothpinch Cover Artwork by Andrea Artopoeus

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