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Toothpinch Makes Another Cyberage Radio Appearance

Popping up again on the Cyberage Radio December 9th Playlist is Toothpinch, alongside such greats as Suicide Commando, Psyclon Nine, and Die Sektor, and other popular newcomers such as Cyber Lich and Varicella, plus much much more in a heavy hitting 6 hour Industrial mix. Check it out free streaming and download at the Cyberage Radio website:

Full Playlist:

CYBERAGE RADIO PLAYLIST 12/9/18 --------------------------------------- WUMPSCUT - War RUN LEVEL ZERO - Under the Gun ANGELS ON ACID - Into the Void GOD DESTRUCTION - Reincarnated LEATHER STRIP (feat.AND THE SKY BLED) - My body cage WOLFCHILD - Light My Fire VDEVIL & DIVERJE - We are Your Killers V2A - One Man Riot RYAN G. SET! -------------- NACHTMAHR - El Chupacabra UBERBYTE - Stand Up for Uberbyte SUICIDE COMMANDO - Hate Me WOLFCHILD - Devil Church Bitch BLOODCONNEK7ION - Elixir DeSangre(libido version) ANNA M. SET! ------------------ DIE SEKTOR - Accelerant CYBERLICH - I am Legion EINSAMKEIT - Witchery PSYCLON NINE - Beware the Wolves POIZON PARTY IV - Incision(feat.DIVERJE) SCOTT W.SET! ------------------- BIOPSY - Hypervent ANDRACULOID - Lifecycle DIVERJE - Stepbackup THE MERCY CAGE - Force on Moving Charges ELECTRO SYNTHETIC REBELLION - Losing Control CHMCL STR8JCKT - One Last Salute VARICELLA - Beautified Death TAMTRUM - Le son de La Pluie(GRENDEL remix) GOD DESTRUCTION - Satan's Storm ANGELS ON ACID - I am the Future EVIL GOAT RIDERS - Resistor FUNKER VOGT - Bloodsucker NOISUF-X - Finish Him CIRCUITO CERRADO - Mode of Death STAHLNEBEL & BLACK SELKET - My Life (ALIEN:NATION remix) RAGE SERMON - Taste of Blood DIVERJE & POIZON PARTY - We Still Remain(remake) MORDACIOUS - Dead But Delicious DERMA-TEK - Lost Cause TOOTHPINCH - Bloodsucker TRAGIC IMPULSE - Killswitch(LUNA 1 mix) RED LINE (feat.XPERIMENT) - I am Reality SIVA SIX - Transcendence BLAKOPZ - Brainwashed SYNCFACTORY - Swarm of Lies(DISTORTED WORLD remix) [de:ad:cibel] - Globalized UCNX - Relentless DIVERJE - Unleashed(R.I.P ROPPONGI INC PROJECT remix) ICONOCLAST/MESSIAH - Delusion ADORATION DESTROYED- Fingerbleed SEVERED SKIES - Nexus (futronik 7 mix) N3VOA - Retreat V2A - F-SOCIETY RETALIATE OF ANGER - I don't like you too much CLOCKWORK ECHO - Prophetik FabrikC - Independent Riot Corps (CeUu RmX) DEAD WHEN I FOUND HER - phantoms SKINNY PUPPY - God's Gift(maggot) SKINNY PUPPY - Hardset Head FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY - force carrier haujobb - Renegades of Noise(LIVE!) THE MERCY CAGE - Weak(demotivate)(featuring REAPERS) CHAINREACTOR - Gas Panic SAM - Hard Technology STOPPENBERG - Wake UP! DISTORTION SIX - War Time SYNAPSCAPE - Inner Strategy HYPNOSKULL - Kommando G.Elser CIRCUITO CERRADO - Mass Madness PHILIPP MUNCH - Alter Ego ISZOLOSCOPE - Spirit Intrusion SIAMGDA - Between Love and Hate in-FUSED - Green Crack ANDRACULOID - EFFEKSHUN MICHAEL IDEHALL - Bear Nemesis SUBSKAN - Strips PICA - C.oles Hill

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