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New Album!: Vore Complex - Fires Fly

Presenting his no less then 9th release off the year, Vore Complex, the prolific British Industrial master of mystical audio terrorism, returns with Fires Fly, a deep haunting complex set of tense pieces. Starting off slow and beckoning, creeping and crawling. This album is in start contrast to his last release which felt playful and whimsical, providing none of that and stepping far into the realms of pure cold aesthetic and sound. This is another excellent addition to the Vore Complex discography and can be found for digital download on his official Bandcamp:

Band description of Blight

Later, and not too soon, but it'll be here.

More to come...

released October 8, 2018

All art, lyrics and music by: Ben Power

Except orginal song and lyrics to track 7 by: Rudy R. of :Wumpscut:

Tracks 1-5 mastered by J.Stillings at Steel Hook Audio Mastering

A special thank you to all the private voices whose words I sampled for my polemics.

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