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Fresh Trax!: Blackpill - Revolution (Biohacker Remix)

Are you prepared for the revolution? For it will be coming knocking on your door whether you are ready or not. Better to keep it real then not, and these two are certainly keeping it real with another excellent remix from Biohacker, this time for Oklahoma City's own Blackpill. Combining the aggressive vibes from the original track, and bringing the track into a more doomy downtempo vibe (all without loosing the intensity present from the original, just transferring it's intensity into a different presentation) this track reminds me of Velvet Acid Christ at his most psychedelic, and will most likely be a fan for any Black Pill, Biohacker, or Electro-Industrial fan in general. Check it out on Blackpill's official Bandcamp for digital download:

Follow Biohacker on his official Facebook for up to date information on his latest activities:

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