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Fresh Trax!: Divine Virtual Reality - Passion Of The Lost

Releasing his first track of the winter season Divine Virtual Reality returns with a rolling poppy psychedelic electro-industrial affair, offering his trademark distorted and scratchy vocals over pounding drums and unusually upbeat electronica infused synthesizer arpeggios and melodies. Catch the track for free streaming on his official Soundcloud:


All my life Drains in time All my existence was sold I found myself Inside this dark light Never to be whole again

We lost ourselves inside this sound Always broken Always left for dead What is really left? If love was forgotten What is really felt? If everything we belived in was lost?

Did you ever, really care? Did you ever, really love me? I miss the passion The energy that blossomed Between this love, we use to share

Did you ever really care? X2

Be sure to listen to his music and follow him on his various musical streaming platforms:

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