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New Album!: Vore Complex - Fresh Cuts

Continuing with his relentless stream of new releases, Vore Complex brings another batch of noisy electro-industrial inspired monstrosities. Self-described as more "punky and percussive" but strangely "upbeat" then his other works, and I honestly think it truly works for the band providing his most accessible work to date, most authentically channeling his :wumpscut: influence's melodicism into his work. However, despite the more melodically rhythmic nature of the release, it still manages to be tormented affair with harsh distortion applied liberally do the vocals and elements of the percussion, making good contrast to the more eccentric elements of the tracks and keeping it to it's electro-industrial fare. This is another great addition to the Vore Complex discography and can be found for digital download on his official Bandcamp:

Band description of Blight

A Surreal collection of reconceptualised psychobiographical polemics and songs from across the spectrum of my writing history that didn't fit in anywhere else. Expect much punky, percussive electronics.

They're mainly upbeat, if reflective (and fairly caustic in places), but the darkness does seep in eventually, especially in some of my lyric sets. I hope you enjoy them though.

All lyrics and music by Ben Power

Tracks 1-8 mastered by J.Stillings at Steel Hook Audio Mastering

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