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The Busy Times Of Divine Virtual Reality

Currently the Texas based Industrial / Aggrotech / Power Noise artist Divine Virtual Reality is working on new songs, with the possibility of a new album for 2019. Currently you will find a preview of a new song entitled Astral Projection, which you will be able to find on his YouTube channel:

Also quite excitingly, DVR has a brand new rather professional looking artistic logo designed by the extremely talented Raven Bellum. You can find the design below:

Last but not least, DVR has been featured on DSBP Records' Animal Sanctuary compilation series, providing a remix to Genius Of Nefarious's track Here Comes The Bride. You can order a CD over the release on DSBP's official webstore:

1). Official Divine Virtual Reality Page: 2). Official Bandcamp Profile: 3). Offical Reverbnation Page: 4). Offical Soundcloud Page: 5). Official Vampirefreaks Page: 6). Offical Facebook Page: 7). Official Audiotool Page: 8). Offical Soundation Page: 9). Official Soundtrap Page: 10). Official Pocketband Page:

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