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New Album!: Vore Complex - Blight

Particular prolific this summer, Vore Complex has another (albeit short) full-length album for you all to wrap your head around. Featuring many of the staples you've come to love from this British Industrial veteran, pounding distorted drums, eerie samples, and frantic arpeggiators, however the time with an interesting focus on complex soundscapes and pads, none which are to overeager to be overbearing in the mix but play an important part of the aggressive and haunting tonal landscapes conjured by Mr. Powers, the man behind the madness. Another excellent addition to his extensive catalog, you can find it streaming/download on his official Bandcamp:

Band description of Blight

Blighty: an endearing British slang-term for England, often used by the homesick. Blight: an affliction of plant-life following infection by a pathogenic organism. I think we'll go with the latter. *** 7 all-new multi-faceted Industrial music recordings. Caustic, candid, experimental and satirical in equal measure, these tracks aim to go some way towards dismantling the noxious propagandistic idiocy that has engulfed the British Isles in the second decade of the 21st Century, courtesy of a resoundingly flawed, illiberal, yet powerfully entrenched State, and the brainwashed, sycophantic Socialist puppets, cack-handed Authoritarian demagogues, and feral, regressive, rent-a-mob hypocrites that bolster it.

All lyrics and music by Ben Power

Tracks 1-7 mastered by J. Stillings at Steel Hook Audio Mastering

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