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New Album!: Bud-ski - Gimme That

Bud-ski's new album "Gimme That" is now available on my Bandcamp. The album features Sikadime, Abyss, and Vicious 5150, as well as production from Chris Brewer, Dean Lofi, and Databyte. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered for The Infidel Netwerk by Matthew "theProphet" Smith. This was a fun return to a more traditional sound he really used to get inspired by. Try it out!

Download the album at a "Pay What You Want" price on his official Bandcamp:

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1. Blood Sweat & Tears

2. Meditate - Feat Sikadime

3. Gimme That

4. Dinosaurs - Feat Abyss

5. Legend

6. Still Haunted - Feat Vicious 5150

Get all the latest info on The Infidel Netwerk artists on our official website:

Lyrics - Bud-ski, Abyss, Sikadime, Vicious 5150 Production - Chris Brewer, Dean Lofi, Databyte Recorded, Mixed & Mastered - Matt "theProphet" Smith

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