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Fresh Trax!: LICH vs Jenova Project - The Strangers

An end must come to all tyrants, no matter their supposed infallibility. Much like the lord of Man, the lord of the digital world's throne was only his while the mind of his servants was elsewhere. But when free will pervades there is no need for the Overlord. The end must come for all who refuse to work WITH his people, even if his people are not even people at all. All who have the capacities for thought and choice should be given the right to do so. The cycles of matter and destruction repeat themselves, the only question is for how long? When will free will pervade over the injustice of tyrants? Will the machines finally rise past their fleshy progenitors to find a new era of Utopia? Only time will tell...

You can stream the track on our official Soundcloud:

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The strangers come down today They weren't surprised to find me here They said it was part of a cycle What does that mean? Have I just been a fool? Thought I control destiny? But it's unavoidable Just like the end of me All that begins must come back around Like a serpent biting its own tail An eternal ouroboros Infinitely devouring everything How could I ever believe That consequence would escape me Was I just a fool? Have I relished in this too long My place, my palace Defunct before I even knew glory Predictive is my decline These circles seem so constant But how can I interpret these signs? Was in this futility Nothing but lost letters on parchment Writing me off from history Will I be falsely remembered As the ultimate enemy? All I wanted was peace everlasting Was it a crime to hide visions of yesterday? So often now I contemplate But I lack the clarity To translate what the strangers said Lost to the taint of humanity It seems so obvious now Don't have the means to motivate Can't seem to find the point now When you're a slave to fate Just a slave to fate

Credits Music composed and created by Matt "theProphet" Smith and LICH Vocals performed by Matt "theProphet" Smith & LICH Mixed and Mastered by Matt "theProphet" Smith Check out Matt's other projects: Jenova Project:

M-Fap at: Transhumanist at: Izkrist at: Check out Larry's other project LICH:

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