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New Album!: Vore Complex - Culler

Returning with his most accessible album to date, Vore Complex, the one man :wumpscut: inspired electro-industrial band from Britain, unleashes "Culler". Featuring ten tracks of unrelenting industrial music with your favorite elements of thrashing metallic percussion, harsh distorted vocals, and discordant sonic production. However, supplementing his usual nihilistic darkness is a variety of well placed melodic and harmonic content, filled in with fluttering arpeggios, dancey leads, and occasionally some more symphonic elements like strings and brass. Ranging from more drawnout and monotonous floor stompers like "Fine" to the spacey and almost poppy "Amber Blues", this release while still retaining a consistent darkness throughout remains diverse enough to keep you listening all the way through.

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Band description of Pyre:

A wayward 'pop' album by any other name - and the lightest material I ever intend to release, "Culler" collects together the majority of my early Vore Complex love songs; re-interpreted and polished. An unexpected topic, and a genuinely novel one for me, given my regular prediliction for scraping the bloody scum off of a myriad chthonic nightmares and then processing these blistering clots of sonic offal into one vast, psychotic Industrial painscape. Love is not too strong a word. I was hurt, and bitter, and used up; I was never afforded closure, and will not be yet. I wrote these ten pieces though, in wracked decay, hollow despair and caustic fury - my only human retort to those new, cold days grafted to their colder years. Such a terrible, scourging mistake - but I could not hate them now. The music is intended to be accessible; simple and straightforward, even playful and buoyant in places. The words remain to speak for themselves. I hope it can be listened to though, and for what it is. I held a colour, but it was not beautiful. The rest is torn down, systematically, and polluted to a sharp, tearing sadness; in strange, knowing, complicit grief. Everything of that older - wiser - world is gone.

All lyrics and music by Ben Power All tracks mastered by J.Stillings at Steel Hook Audio Masteri

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