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Severed Skies Appears On Russian Dark Community's First Compilation Album

Severed Skies, a talented New Wave & Industrial fusion powerhouse electronic act from the creative mind of Bryan Sage, appears in Russian Dark Community's first compilation album, aptly entilted "Compilation Vol. 1". Featuring 26 tracks from some of the best acts in the underground Industrial community, including Severed Skies of course, as well as past Infidel Interviewees Cold Therapy, Lilith My Mother, and Biohacker, plus many many more, this is not a compilation to miss for any dark electro fans. And don't just expect a bunch of 4/4 EBM bangers you've heard before, they manage to capture a wide variety of unique and interesting sounds and styles all centered around Industrial but unique in their presentation and tone. A worthy listen from beginning to end, check it out, at a "Pay What You Want" price on their official Bandcamp:

Follow Severed Skies on their official Facebook to keep up to date with their latest activities:

Full Tracklisting:

1. Dreaming'in Spanda - Revival

2. Cold Therapy - Ashes to Ashes

3. Lilith My Mother - Gods of Blood

4. Severed Skies - Dusk

5. Winfxdinamo - Tortura Final

6. Stellar Dynamiсs - Extraterrestrial Intelligence

7. Reality's Despair - The First Kingship (remixed version)

8. Injustrial - Then, Now & Forever

9. Simplefixty - In Memory

10. 0Kontrol - Fantoche

11. Autoignition - Evil Tunes

12. Deflexity - Accept And Let It Go

13. DieselHammer - Necrobiosis

14. Ideophobia - Triton Null

15. Traumatize - Your Hate [WithoutPulse Remix]

16. Biohacker - Watch The World Burn

17. Obsidian Fx - Redspine Contagion [2018 Mix]

18. Devil-M - Messer

19. Vol. A.D. - Imminence Of Deconstruct

20. Alexandria`s Dream - Дом

21. Sacradamus - Fallout

22. ElektroTerapi - My Way

23. De/Light project - System

24. Asdean - Божественная инженерия (V.2 2018)

25. Raziel X - Cyberpunk

26. Reactor7x - Circus of the false (Krapp Anatoliy remix)

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