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Fresh Trax! : Catgotwasted - Big Hip Hop House Beat

A psychedelic washed out dreary affair, Big Hip Hop House Beat pushes Catgotwasted's eccentrically diverse sound to further extremes of contrast, with long droning sounds paired up with swirling hypnotic beat (lead by a very driving, almost distorted, kick drum). Pulsing washed out synthetic sirens echo in the background acting as an almost silent metronome to guide the waver of this pull and pulse of an electronica groove, and even more melodically abrasive and pounding delayed bell/organ hybridized sound dominates large sections of the track achieving large degrees of sensory overload. Catch this latest oddity on Catgotwasted's official Bandcamp:

Get up to date information at Catgotwasted's official Facebook:

You can download many of Catgotwasted's track's on his official Bandcamp:

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