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Infidel Interview #143: Vonté

First off, just want to thank you for participating in this edition of Infidel Interviews. Could you start off by giving a little information about you to the audience? Whatever you feel comfortable with, but name, age, and where you live would be pretty standard?

I go by the name Vonté which is a cut of my birth name DeVonté. I am 25 years old born on September 23rd 1992. I live in Kitchener Ontario born and raised.

How do you enjoy where you live? Is there a vibrant music community where you are? Would you say you find that your local scene influences your attitude and/or creativity?

Kitchener is a pretty cool place it is growing quickly. The music community has definitely grown as has the music industry because anybody can make music these days, it isnt as hard to release records with the platforms available to us. My local scene however does not influence my attitude or creativity I would say the new york 90s boom bap hip hop plays a big part in my sound.

If you could say there are underlying themes or messages that permeate throughout your discography, what would you say are the most important concepts and ideas you've tried to express throughout your artistic career, political, spiritual, or personal? Would you consider yourself to be an overall political or spiritual individual? If so, if how what would you say are your strongest/most important views and/or causes?

Everything I release is real. I like to keep it real and be myself and rap about scenarios and situations that are right in your face, no beating around the bush. I am a definitely a spiritual individual my most important cause is to just be real and hopefully motivate other artists to do the same thing its not a bad thing to be yourself, alot of rappers are rapping about things they have never done or seen.

When it comes to your musical self and your real world self, would you say that their is a separation? Do you find yourself getting into a character or mindset when you create, or do you find your music is a representation of your day to day self?

Most of my music is a real reflection of myself however i do write music putting myself in others shoes and expressing it that way.

The rest of the interview continues below this video and all further streaming content...

When you first started making music, was there a particular sound or artistic/musical influence that you would say was your biggest inspiration to start pursuing the creative path yourself?

I always listened to the LOX, as well as Ludacris he was at one point my favorite artist.

Would you say that your choice to pursue music has changed your life since you started? Would you say that creativity has evolved you spiritually, emotionally, or logically?

I wouldnt say my choice to pursue it has changed my life given this is something iv been doing since i was 12-13 years old. Creativity has definitely evolved me in countless amounts of ways.

What do you feel separates your music from the rest of the music in the Hip-Hop genre?

My music is authentic. Anybody who is real with themself will relate to my music. On top of my own production i am able to really get down to the bone on what my aim for a track is.

What do you see in the near, and far, future for your creative output?

Helping out other artists and in the future be able to obtain a fan base that I can speak volumes to.

When it comes to hip-hop there is a fair amount of emphasis put on clout and hype. What do you feel is the best/most relevent way to develop hype around your songs/releases? What is your personal connection with social networks, and what do you see their role in that process?

Given social media i feel like the best way to develop hype around not only your songs and releases but your brand in itself is to be consistent. Nothing will ever beat consistency.

When it comes to your beat choices, what sort of traits or elements do you look for?

I gotta feel it right away, simple as that. If it hits my soul im good for it. I usually like to keep my BPMs aound 85-91. Drums have to hit hard or its a no go.

So much has been said, and it sometimes feel that every word combination has every been taken. As a lyricist myself I know the pain of how hard it can be to articulate something in a way that is both engaging to the audience and uniquely artist. How do you find inspiration for your lyrical poetry?

The first thing is to never attempt to mimmick something, Let it come naturally like i said before just be yourself that always comes first. Secondly I have a love for words so when I get into a certain zone tons of things just start flowing through my brain sometimes its hard to write everything down.

Playing live shows, recording new tracks, attempting to go live the life that gives you the experiences that inspires it all... it can be difficult to balance the time. Do you have any particular methods that you use to keep yourself focused or balanced in your direction?

I just go with the flow

For fans who have not seen you yet, when it comes to your live show, how would you describe yourself thematically and visually? Are you an energy and audience driven band in the live atmosphere? Or would you consider yourself to be more thematic or presentation oriented?

I'm definitely a presentation oriented performer.

What are some of the biggest challenges you have had to overcome in your musical career?

Trying to make the best beats while still writing the best rhymes.

Check out his music streaming on his Soundcloud or YouTube:

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