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New Album!: Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly - Shooting From The Lip

Never stopping their pursuit of crafting fine tunes, always delivering in the most epic presentations with an extremely crisp and refined sound, Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly have for you another full length release filled with dancefloor melodies, downtempo grooves, and pop sensibilities. Fusing their completely unique mixture of EDM, Pop, Trip-Hop, and Electronica, these adventurous Californian duo have struck gold again. Every track on the album manages to stand out on it own, fusing different elements of your favorite electronic dance genres into unique mixture filled with the perfect dosage of predictable melody and sonic experimentation. You'll find yourself humming along to the catchy synth lines, or tapping your foot to the funky beat. You'll never find yourself bored.

Download the album on their official Bandcamp:

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